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About Me

Hello, I’m Becca, the designer, owner and creative thinker of Sunflower Seams.

I am a military wife, mother of two beautiful babes and a self taught seamstress.  I have always loved to create, whether it be at my sewing table, in the kitchen or a DIY project around the house.  I took up sewing as a hobby while on bed rest with my daughter nearly six years ago.  I was determined to turn one of my husband’s flight suits into a diaper bag.  Thankfully, I was successful and sewing became a passion of mine.

This journey has taken me places I never expected and I am now taking some drafting and design classes, dreaming of turning this hobby into more.  I hope to one day open a modern fabric and sewing shop where I teach lessons and can concentrate on drafting my own patterns.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you find some inspiration within my little world I have created here.

Happy Sewing!