Fiesta Fun {Blog Tour}


I have been dreaming about this photo shoot since the moment Karly, of Paisley Roots, was asked me to be apart of the blog tour for the Fiesta Fun collection by Dana Willard for Art Gallery Fabrics.

 Living on the Gulf Coast of Florida I am always looking for ways to incorporate our beautiful white sands and emerald waters into my photography.  Sometimes it is a bit of a challenge and other times it’s as though it’s a match made in heaven.


The Fiesta Fun collection is a vision on fun with its bright colors.  It makes me think of the sun, water and vacation.  And because there is a saying here, “We live where you vacation”,  I couldn’t think of a better place then the beach for my Fiesta Fun makes!!


Most of the time I am indecisive when it comes to fabric and pattern planning but this time, I immediately knew I wanted to use Mexican Dress in Midnight for a maxi dress.  I absolutely love how vibrant the blue is and such a contrast to our white beaches.


I made a modified Rayann’s Retro Dress from Simple Life Patterns.   I really wanted to showcase this gorgeous collection and by making Rayann as a maxi I was able to do so.  Also, there is something so sweet about a little girl in a maxi.  Don’t you agree!?!



I wanted to add a pop of color to the dress and mix in some of the other amazing fabrics from this line so I added an extra accent strip, alternating the strips in Happy Streamers and Piñata Confetti.


I love how these cute fabric covered buttons on the sash brought everything together so perfectly.


Of course Ava’s new baby doll needed to have a matching dress as well.  I didn’t want her blending in too much so I used the Piñata Confetti as the main fabric and Happy Streamers for the accent strips.


A huge thanks to  Art Gallery Fabrics for these gorgeous fabrics!!  I had such a great time creating this look.  I can’t wait to sew up garments from this new collection by Dana.


Want to see more amazing makes by some incredibly talented ladies?  Check out the entire blog tour:


  1. Crystal D | 28th Mar 17

    This is so adorable! I love the detail at the bottom.

    • sunflowerseams | 28th Mar 17

      Thank you so much Crystal

  2. Indu | 28th Mar 17

    oh my gosh, just so dreamy! this is my favorite print in the collection and you showcased it so brilliantly with this maxi!!!

    • sunflowerseams | 28th Mar 17

      Thank you Indy! I am so happy with how it turned out

  3. Shawna | 29th Mar 17

    I love the combination of fabrics that you put together at the bottom of the dress.

  4. Lindsay | 30th Mar 17

    The matching doll outfit is awesome!!! Great job!

  5. Karly Nelson | 30th Mar 17

    The dress is just stunning Becca! I love the details you put into it and the doll dress is just darling! Thank you so much for being on tour!

    • sunflowerseams | 31st Mar 17

      Thanks so putting on such a wonderful blog tour

  6. Michelle | 30th Mar 17

    This was such a beautiful look, and that scenery!! I loved the colorful accent strips.

    • sunflowerseams | 31st Mar 17

      Thanks so much Michelle! Those accent strips are my favorite part 😉

  7. Joy Candrian | 30th Mar 17

    Great long dress and if I lived by the beach, I know I’d not be sewing but would be building sandcastles.

    • sunflowerseams | 31st Mar 17

      Thank you!! During the summer my sewing does decline since we spend most days by the beach 😉

  8. Amaia | 31st Mar 17

    That is such a cute dress!! I love how you made it look a little bit hobo style, pics are awesome!

    • sunflowerseams | 31st Mar 17

      Thank you Amaia

  9. Karen | 31st Mar 17

    Such a beautiful dress! I love the tabs and the alternating fabric stripes on the bottom!

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