Baby Bear Joggers {Patterns For Pirates}

The Baby Bear Joggers from Pattern for Pirates has just released this week and I had so much fun testing them for my little guy.  He doesn’t get to reap the benefits of my sewing very often so it’s always exciting when a new pattern comes out that he will like.

The Baby Bear Joggers is written as a unisex pattern.


 For these pants, I used the Siera Madra Lounge French Terry fabric from LaFinch Fabrics in grey.  This french terry is perfect for these pants, it has just the right amount of stretch and is cozy yet lightweight.  My little man loved running around in them and looked stylish while doing so.


The Baby Bear Joggers can be made with  an elastic, drawstring or yoga waistband.  There are also two pocket options, slat and patch.


For my baby bear’s Baby Bear Joggers, I chose the elastic waistband with a patch pocket and rolled cuff.  I love the look of the cuff and it makes finishing the leg so simple.

The patch pockets are so fun, I chose to keep it simple but they can be a fun way to accent an outfit.

I sewed a 3 for my little guy and they fit him perfectly.


It’s quite a different experience whenever I do a photo shoot with this guy compared to my his big sister.  Most of my pictures are of him running away from me.  It’s nearly impossible to get him to stay still and there is usually candy involved when I do manage.  He always leaves me exhausted but full of laughs from chasing him around trying too capture “just one more picture”.

The Baby Bear Jogger can be purchased here.

You can also purchase the family bundle here and start your holiday sewing!


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  1. idlesunshine | 14th Nov 16

    I love them, I think I need the ladies ones! 😘

    • Becca Plymale | 14th Nov 16

      I saw so many amazing tester photos, I’m thinking the same thing!!

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