Grow With Me Quilt {Designs by Rachel Rossi}


I recently tested the new Grow with Me quilt by Rachel Rossi Designs and I am loving how it turned out.  I am by no means a quilter but have always wanted to try my hand at quilting so this opportunity really excited me.

The Grow with Me quilt is a fitted sheet for a standard crib mattress.  It is beautifully constructed with french seams at the corners and uses the top to bind everything together.  Once your little one graduates to a larger bed, trim the corners off of the fitted sheet, bind, and you’ve got a great little quilt to snuggle with.  Safety for your baby was taken into account when Rachel made this pattern.  All pieces (top,middle and back) are securely quilted together and the elastic is incased within the binding to fit snug around your mattress, leaving nothing loose.

Rachel also includes instructions in case you like the design but don’t want it to be for a crib and the finished quilt is perfect size for a twin size bed.  So really this is a 3 in 1 pattern.  So genius!!


As a beginner I found this pattern went together quickly and I had the top completed in a day.  A day for me is filled with lots of interruptions from my two littles always needing a snack or a snuggle so I really don’t get too much time in-between to sew. 🙂  All that was left was to attach the top to the fleece and backing.  I used Rachel’s advice and stitched in the ditch around the ribbons to avoid any bulkiness.  I really like how smooth and flat this made the entire sheet.

 Rachel’s tutorial was very clear and easy to understand.  She includes great color coded illustrations to help insure the ribbon placement is correct.  One tip she gives which was very helpful for me is to label each fabric piece with the corresponding letters in the tutorial (this may be a well known quilter tip but again I am a beginner and if it hadn’t been mentioned I probably wouldn’t have thought of it).


My babies are both out of cribs but my brother recently had a little girl and I needed a Christmas gift for her.  I called my sister in law and asked her to pick out five fabrics she wanted in my niece’s new bedroom.


I used Mohave Blooms in White from Hawthorne Threads as the main piece of the quilt.  Rachel does recommend using a non-directional fabric for the main in her tutorial but I don’t think you can tell too much that its not.  For three of the ribbons I used Tile in Turquoise, Arrows in Coral Metallic and Stitch in Turquoise from Cotton and Steel.  I used Tribe in Bubblegum from Free Spirit for the final ribbon and backing.  I think it was a little ambitious of me to use these fabrics and my OCD was really tested but I am in love with the outcome.


You can get the PDF pattern HERE!

Now until Friday, Rachel is offering the Grow with Me PDF pattern at 50%.


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