Re-Branding of Ava’s Closet

I have been working on some really great things this past month and with that came the rebranding of Ava’s Closet and Boutique.  Although I do love that name I wanted something that was a little more unique and represented me as the owner/designer.  Ava is and will continue to be a huge inspiration during this venture but I want it to be so much more, because I am so much more then just her mom.

 With a lot of help from my sister’n’law, a dear friend of mine and a LOT of brainstorming we came up with Sunflower Seams.  Some of you may know but sunflowers have always been my favorite flower.  I remember driving through Kansas as a kid on our way to visit my grandparents in Oklahoma and I would be mesmerized by the miles and miles of sunflower fields along both sides of the road.  As my friend pointed out, people like alterations and that is how the “Seams” of Sunflower Seams came about.  I feel like this name has the capacity to grow with me as my business grows and changes but still stay true to me and my purpose.

 Please look around and explore, I’d love to know what you think of the new design


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