The Hasting Vest {Jilly Atlanta}


My 2 year old son loves the fabric store almost as much as I do.  He is such a fun shopping buddy and usually has impeccable taste when it comes to fabric for my daughter but for himself he chooses some of the most outlandish patterns out there.  I never know what to do with them but I buy them because he’s happy and well, I love buying fabric.

When I was selected to test the new Hasting Vest by JillyAtlanta he told me he wanted it to be monsters.  I had other ideas but wanted him to like it and actually wear it (preferably without an argument).  That’s when I decided to do both.

 After looking through Jill’s easy to understand tutorial I discovered it wouldn’t be too hard to make it reversible and then both of us would be happy.  It was actually really easy.  When it came time to close the lining, I used my stitch in the ditch foot instead of hand stitching and then added buttons on both sides.  That’s it!!  Easy Peasy!!  And now the vest is reversible and we are both in love.

 I love the thoughtful detail Jill adds to all of her patterns.  The buttons down the side give it an almost vintage look.

 This vest is such a quick and easy sew.  Even with my adorable little monster running around and stopping me every few minutes to get him something, I had mine finished and on his back in 45 minutes.  I love a sew like that!!  And I have already been asked to make a “firetruck vest”, “dinosaur vest” and “truck vest”.   The Hasting Vest is definitely a new favorite in our house and will be used many times over.

Don’t forget to grab your copy.  Right now the vest is on sale, $7.00 for 7 days.


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